Faculty and Administration

Employees of LCS dedicate themselves to guiding the academic success and individual growth of each student. Each staff member has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is committed to sharing His love with the students of Longview Christian School.  All of our teachers thoroughly understand the curriculum and subject area in which they specialize. In addition to traditional teacher preparation and training programs, our teachers regularly collaborate and discuss creative, unique ideas of ways to bring the material to life.

Meet the LCS Staff:

Administrator/Board Chairman - Ben Cammack, CPA

Mr. Cammack is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a Masters degree in Business Administration.  Before he assumed leadership at LCS, he worked as a CPA at Ernst & Young and Curtis Blakely & Co and served on the LCS school board for several years.  Ben is also a graduate of Longview Christian School (1998) and has five children with his wife, Virginia.

Principal/ELC Executive Director - Karen Williams

Mrs. Williams is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a Bachelors degree in Education.  She is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Learning Disabilities.  She taught for 20 years in classrooms at various grade levels before assuming the role of Assistant Principal in 2001.  She was promoted to Principal in 2005 and has served in that capacity to present.  Her knowledge of curriculum and varied learning techniques makes her a tremendous asset to LCS.  Whether it's loving on the babies in the Early Learning Center, counseling the high schoolers, or enjoying her grandchildren, Mrs. Williams has a passion for children and a love for the Lord that is evident in all that she does.

Education Specialist / Austen-Coley Program Director - Carla Matthews

Mrs. Matthews developed a passion for dyslexic students as she worked with her own son.  She realized a huge need in East Texas and started the Austen-Coley Academy.  In 2016, LCS and Austen-Coley joined forces to provide unique services to students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and related learning differences in a private, Christian school environment.  Carla manages the program at LCS and is the bridge between the parents, students, teachers, and administration.

Campus Pastor/Teacher - Pastor Paul du Feu

Before joining the LCS staff in 2017, Pastor Paul worked in youth ministry for over 15 years and as an auto mechanic.  He brings both of those skills to LCS.  In addition to serving as campus pastor and Bible teacher, he also teaches the shop class, instructing the students in basic auto mechanics and woodworking.  He also coaches the junior high soccer team.  Pastor Paul's diverse skills are such an asset to LCS.

Director of Development - Doug Case

Mr. Case is passionate about building LCS into the school God has called us to be.  He works hard to organize capital campaigns for facility improvements and major projects.  He also promotes the school throughout the community to bring in more families and partners.  He believes in the value of an LCS education and that it is an investment that will produce significant returns.  If you are interested in being a part of the future of Longview Christian School, Doug would love your support!

Facilities Manager - Kurt Harris

Mr. Harris has dedicated many years to maintaining and improving the school property and facilities.  Our new location presents many unique challenges and there seems to be nothing Kurt cannot handle.  His passion for Christian education and our students is evident in the many hours he gives to LCS each year.  His skills and knowledge are invaluable to keeping the organization running at full speed.

Receptionist - Leslie Cammack

As an LCS parent and grandparent since 1985, Mrs. Cammack has been a part of the LCS family almost since the school's inception.  Her's is the friendly voice you hear when you call the school office, and she is happy to greet you and answer your questions when you stop in for a visit.  Leslie has a degree in Marketing and brings her gift of organization to the school office.

ELC Director of Daily Operations - Tammy Alford

Ms. Alford has a passion for young children that drives her to make our Early Learning Center the best in town.  She has worked in child care/preschool facilities in the Longview area since 1987.  She supervises all ELC teachers and staff.  Her expertise and experience in the field are much appreciated.  The ELC kids and parents love Ms. Tammy!

Librarian/Teacher - Esther Cammack

Mrs. Cammack has a degree in Sociology, but a lifetime passion for reading.  That is what led her to volunteer to help improve the school library in the late 90's.  Those volunteer hours quickly translated into the official position of librarian.  She works very hard to ensure the school library has a wide range of excellent choices for the students and to impart a love for reading in each child's heart.  Mrs. Cammack also has a gift for mathematics and teaches our high school Pre-Calculus and Physics classes.

Facilities Assistant - Kathy Harris

Mrs. Harris assists her husband in maintaining and improving our wonderful facilities.  Our campus is an enormous responsibility that is too big for one person to handle.  Kurt and Kathy are a dynamic duo!  She is also involved with PTSF and volunteers for various special projects.

Head Chef - Shawna Reaves

Mrs. Reaves is responsible for the school hot lunch program and also for the meals and snacks provided to the ELC children.  She has many years of experience and is a certified food manager.  She works hard to provide healthy, delicious meals that are affordable to parents.  Shawna also is the morning carpool monitor and is always ready to greet each parent and student with a smile each morning.  She consistently volunteers and helps out anywhere she is needed.  Mrs. Reaves is a valuable member of the LCS staff.

Athletic Director/Coach/Teacher - Tiny Miller

Coach Miller has a true servant's heart and jumps in to assist anywhere that he can at LCS.  He is the athletic director at LCS, managing all sports and coaches with the help of Assistant AD, Julianne Feenstra.  His first passion is baseball, and he built the entire baseball program at LCS with impressive drive and determination.  He teaches a high school PE class.  Whether he's driving a bus, keeping the grounds clean and manicured, or counseling a student, Tiny loves the Lord with all of his heart and his dedication to LCS is very evident.

Assistant Athletic Director/Coach - Julianne Feenstra

Coach Feenstra is passionate about teaching all sports (especially volleyball) in a way that glorifies God and makes the game fun to play.  Her athletes blossom under her direction.  She is also a major part of the entire athletic program at LCS assisting Coach Tiny in his athletic director duties.  Her children attend LCS, and she and her husband Todd are major LCS supporters.  We appreciate her dedication!

Kindergarten Teacher - Alisa Kulak

Mrs. Kulak has been teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade since 1981.  She also has her certification in special education and has worked as a reading interventionist.  She has won several awards over the years including "Teacher of the Year" and "Who's Who Among American Teachers".  She also serves as a Sunday School teacher at her church.  Mrs. Kulak is a wonderful asset to our school, and parents and students all adore her. 

Collaborative Kindergarten Teacher - Becky Willis

Mrs. Willis earned her Elementary Education degree from Jarvis Christian College and began her teaching career in 1977.  She has many years of experience and has teaching various elementary grades.  Her goal is to teach with compassion and incorporate God's Word into all lessons.  We are very happy to have Becky as the Collaborative Kindergarten teacher at Longview Christian School.

1st Grade Lead Teacher - Jessica Gross

Mrs. Gross has been with LCS since 2013 after teaching for several years in the public school system.  She works hard to maintain an orderly classroom that is focused on learning, but also is fun for the students.  She has experience in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades and uses her experience in the classroom to improve the learning process.  She has two children enrolled at LCS.  Jessica is a wonderful 1st grade teacher.

1st Grade Teacher - Leighann Holloway

Mrs. Holloway was a part of the first graduating class of Longview Christian School.  Since then each of her five children have attended LCS.  She and her husband are the Children's Pastors at HighRidge Church.  She has volunteered and helped out around the school in many different ways before coming to teach.  She and Mrs. Gross work closely together to teach the two 1st grade classes.  Leighann loves children and is dedicated to helping them learn about God and the world He created.

2nd Grade Teacher - Salena Goza

Mrs. Goza is a Baylor graduate and has been teaching since 1980.  She has taught various grades at the elementary level including Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 5th.  She has experience teaching all types of students including gifted students and students with learning differences.  She over the years she has volunteered at her church as a Sunday School teacher and a Vacation Bible School teacher.  She also plays in the handbell choir.  Salena is a loving and caring teacher who does a tremendous job in the classroom.

3rd Grade Teacher - Peggy Lewis

Mrs. Lewis has been teaching in the elementary at LCS since 2001, primarily in 2nd and 3rd grade.  Before that she earned her degree in Elementary Education from Cedarville University and taught 1st grade at The Christian Academy.  Mrs. Lewis believes it is very important to teach the students the values of self-discipline and perseverance.  She is a skilled teacher who uses creative techniques to bring the material to life.

3rd Grade Teacher - Beth Brantley

Mrs. Brantley is a Stephen F. Austin graduate with a degree in Human Sciences/Child Development.  She has multiple certifications including Highly Qualified Language Arts and Special Education.  While she started her teaching career in Kindergarten in 2001, she also has experience teaching 3rd and 4th grade.  Music is one of Mrs. Brantley's passions and she incorporates it into her teaching style on a daily basis.

4th Grade Teacher - Mitzi Horton

Mrs. Horton is a UT Austin graduate with a degree in Elementary Education.  While she started her teaching career in Kindergarten, she has been teaching the 4th grade since 1998.  Mitzi works hard to retain student interest and maximize individual learning.  She enjoys teaching her 4th graders to play chess and is a Sunday School teacher at her church.  Reading is Mrs. Horton's passion and she passes on that love to her students.

5th Grade Teacher - Jeanette Ashley

Mrs. Ashley has her Bachelors and Masters degree in Education from Northeast Louisiana University.  She began teaching 5th grade in 1972, and has spent the majority of her teaching career in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.  She is an active member at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.

Teacher's Aide - Allyson Holloway

Allyson is a recent LCS graduate who loves working with younger children.  She has assisted with the children's ministry at her church for many years.  Several elementary teachers rely on Allyson to assist them with many activities in and out the classroom.  She does a great job interacting with and teaching the students.  Allyson is considering a future career as a teacher.

Teacher's Aide - Hope Mayer

Hope studied Early Childhood Education at Pierce Community College.  She worked for several years as a preschool teacher and a nanny before joining the LCS staff as an aide.  Hope enjoys working with children of all ages and is a great asset to the classroom teachers in many areas.  She also works as a substitute teacher as needed.

Teacher's Aide/Office Assistant - Michelle Waldow

Michelle has had two daughters who have attended Longview Christian School.  She has many years of experience working in early childhood education.  She often assists teacher's in the classroom, serves as a substitute teacher, and assists in the school office.  She also works with the Austen-Coley program.  Her bubbly personality and love for the LCS students are contagious!

Art Teacher - Virginia Cammack

Mrs. Cammack is a gifted artist who enjoys passing those skills on to the LCS students.  Each elementary class has art on a weekly basis and many students claim it as their favorite class.  Virginia creates an annual theme that the class projects follow.  At the end of the year, Mrs. Cammack hosts an art show at the awards program that displays the class projects from the entire year.

Physical Education Teacher - Josie Hamper

Mrs. Hamper has been teaching at LCS since 2013.  She is passionate about health and fitness and shares that passion with her students in her PE classes.  Josie incorporates games, aerobics, athletics, and more into each PE class in creative ways.  She teaches students PreK through 8th grade.  Mrs. Hamper loves the Lord and loves the kids she teaches!

Physical Education/Health Teacher - Ira Nelson

Coach Nelson is a retired firefighter and was also formerly in the Navy.  Before joining the LCS staff, he taught PE classes at Austen-Coley Academy.  He has a passion for athletics and teaching young people to learn life lessons and grow closer to Christ through sports.  He teaches a PE class with Mrs. Hamper, but his primary involvement at LCS is through coaching.  Coach Nelson brings disciplined training to the students in a loving, caring way.

Music Teacher - Jeannie Richie

Mrs. Richie has been teaching elementary music at LCS since 2004.  She is responsible for the many wonderful musicals and programs our children have performed in over the years.  Jeannie has an Associates of Arts degree in Music from Kilgore College and a Bachelors degree in Education from North Texas State University.  She is also very involved in the children's ministry in her local church.

Math Teacher - Karen Bull

Mrs. Bull graduated from Texas A&M in 1996 with a Education degree and a Mathematics minor.  Before she began teaching at LCS in 2012, she taught math and science for four years, homeschooled her children several years, and was a missionary in Russia.  Her four children now attend LCS, making Karen an LCS teacher and an LCS mom.  Karen currently teaches a majority of the math classes at LCS for 6th-11th grades.  She volunteers at her church in the youth group.  Mrs. Bull believes the foundation of a solid education must be an understanding that Christ is the Creator of the universe and constantly at work in our world.

History/Math Teacher - Kirk McMaster

Mr. McMaster is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin and has been teaching and coaching since 1979.  He retired from the public school in 2016 and began teaching the 5th grade at LCS.  In 2018 he moved to the junior high to teach once again in his main areas of expertise - history and math.  A long-time deacon and Sunday School teacher at his church, Kirk is very excited to be able to teach students openly about the love of Christ in the classroom. 

English/Elective Teacher - Gerri Flory

A UTSA graduate, Mrs. Flory is a multi-talented teacher who bring excellence and excitement to everything she does.  She began her teaching career in the public school system, but is very excited to now teach her students in an environment where Christ is the center.  In addition to teaching the junior high English courses, she also teaches 6th grade Science and Photography/Yearbook.  The students love her disciplined, yet fun classroom environment.

Bible/Spanish Teacher - George Terrell

Mr. Terrell has taught in public and private schools as a Spanish, English, and Bible teacher since beginning his teaching career in 1980.  He has also spent time in Southern Europe as a missionary where he became fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish.  He currently teaches 6th-9th grade Bible classes and Elementary Spanish.  He is one of the rare teachers who excels with all students, young and old.

Spanish Teacher - Claudia Rabenhorst

Mrs. Rabenhorst was born and raised in Brazil.  There she met her future husband whose parents were missionaries to Brazil.  They married and moved to Texas.  Her teaching experience includes teaching in Brazil and at LISD before beginning her career at LCS in 2006.  She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and teaches Spanish at LCS at both the high school level.  She does a great job ensuring each of his students know they are special and loved.

English Teacher/Academic Advisor/Accreditation Coordinator - Dr. Catherine Davis

Dr. Davis earned her Bachelors degree in English/ESL from UT-Tyler and her Masters in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M before teaching English and ESL at the high school and college levels for 13 years.  She began teaching English at LCS in 2012.  She left LCS in 2014 to finish her Doctorate degree and to help UT-Tyler build a new program.  We are so grateful Dr. Davis came back to us in 2015 to teach all high school English classes and to be the school Academic Advisor.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the students at LCS.

History/Theater Teacher - Dr. Keith Rothra

Dr. Rothra has earned many degrees throughout his years in education including: an Associates in Business Administration, a Bachelors in Political Science, graduate work in Psychology, a Masters in International Relations, and a Doctorate in Ministry and Pastoral Counseling.  Before he began his traditional teaching career, he worked for the U.S. Air Force writing curriculum and teaching doctrine on contingency and wartime planning.  He taught at the high school and college level for 24 years and specialized in history and government courses.  In addition to teaching the high school history and theater classes at LCS, Dr. Rothra is also the pastor at Judson Community Baptist Church.

Science/Elective Teacher - Courtney Skelton

Mrs. Skelton is a graduate of Dallas Christian College with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Bible with a minor in Children's Ministry.  She began teaching in 2008 and has spent her entire teaching career in Christian education.  She has also worked closely with her husband as a children's and youth pastor.  Mrs. Skelton bring a vibrant teaching style to upper level science and also shares her skills with her students in home economics and computer.

Band Director/Teacher - Ruth Clark

Mrs. Clark has been teaching band and music classes at LCS since 1983 (the 2nd year of the school's existence).  She is an extremely talented musician who can play every instrument in the band.  Each year she works with students who have never played before and patiently teaches them.  She also assists with chapel services and special music at school events.  Mrs. Clark is a true servant who has devoted a major part of her life to LCS and our students.

Sign Language Teacher - Julie Strait

Mrs. Strait has been a wife of a local pastor for many years.  She has been very involved in multiple aspects of church ministry including working with children.  She graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a major in Deaf Education.  She teaches American Sign Language at the high school and elementary levels at LCS.  Mrs. Strait has a wonderful ability to bring fun and structure into the classroom.