Student Targets

Parents who enroll a child at LCS have chosen to trust us to take an important role in preparing that child for life. We take that responsibility very seriously.  In that quest, we must address several questions.  How do we know if we are accomplishing our goals?  What is our measure of success?  When a student graduates from Longview Christian School, are they equipped and prepared?  The LCS student targets help us identify who we want our students to become.  Everything we do at LCS is designed to accomplish one or more of these goals in our students.  LCS students should be:

  1. FAITH-FILLED: We believe that an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ is the answer to all of life’s challenges.  Our goal is that every student understands and accepts God’s plan of salvation, pursues an authentic relationship with Him, accepts discipleship and mentoring, and graduates ready to defend their faith and lead others to Christ.
  2. LEARNING: Our academic programs are designed to meet each student’s capabilities and encourage them to do their very best.  We challenge those who are gifted academically and support those who struggle.  An array of high school degree options assists this endeavor.  Our partnership with Austen-Coley also enables us to assist students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and related learning differences.
  3. DEVELOPING: We believe that God gives each individual unique gifts and talents to accomplish unique purposes in life.Not all of our students will be great scholars, athletes, or artists.Our job as teachers, however, is to identify and develop each student’s talents, enabling them to flourish and grow into God’s plan for their lives.
  4. EQUIPPED: Our students should be equipped for life and the challenges that lie ahead.We pursue opportunities to teach students vital skills (outside of traditional academics) that are essential to life.These include computer skills, social skills, personal finance, vehicle maintenance, etiquette, culinary skills, and public speaking, just to name a few.
  5. SERVING: We challenge our students to live lives dedicated to reaching beyond themselves.  We believe God desires that all Christians impact their world.  LCS is dedicated to training our students to embrace this idea by submitting their lives to Christ every day.  Community outreach, mission trips, and volunteerism all play a role in this training.