Extra-Curricular Activities

At LCS enjoyable learning opportunities are created through unique, curriculum-based activities and field trips both inside and outside the classroom.


  • - The Caldwell Zoo is a popular field trip each year and is accompanied by activities that relate to math, science, and reading.
  • - Second grade students learn about safety through an interactive trip to Safety City.  
  • - Other field trips for elementary students have included visits to the Tyler Working Farm, the Discovery Science Place, the Texas Renaissance Fair, Longview Community Theatre, Kilgore College Theatre, and Arts View Children's Theatre.  
  • - Warm memories are also created through parent-organized holiday parties and special traditions for each class. All elementary grade levels participate in various holiday outings and programs including Christmas caroling at local nursing homes.
  • - Weekly chapel is a highlight and serves as reinforcement in Christian values, as well as an opportunity to hear from speakers from our local community.

Junior High:

  • - The junior high students organize the annual "LCS Pioneer Day" and teach the elementary students about the life of our nation's early settlers. 
  • - They participate in various field trips designed to enhance and support the learning experience including local theater and historical museums. 
  • - All junior high grade levels participate in the annual speech meet and spelling bee.
  • - Daily devotions/chapel is a highlight and serves as reinforcement in Christian values, as well as an opportunity to hear from speakers from our local community.
  • - Students are prepared to demonstrate athletic prowess through daily physical training and through athletics.
  • - Band class at LCS is an important part of the junior high years as all students learn to play an instrument and benefit from musical education.

High School:

  • - Each school day includes a devotional/chapel period consisting of prayer, Bible reading, singing, and/or special speakers.  The presentation of vital themes of Christian living encourage students to grow spiritually and develop a lifestyle reflecting Christian principles that stand out in today’s world.
  • - Classical and modern selections in drama and music allow students to analyze, interpret, and evaluate themes. Rehearsals and performances allow students to put into practice what they are learning. These activities are intended to teach students not only how to perform, but also how to choose that which is worthy of performance
  • - Every year students are involved in community service projects that may include preparing meals at Highway 80 Rescue Mission, buying and wrapping Christmas gifts for needy children in the area, cleaning up litter around Longview, and offering assistance to local offices and businesses.
  • - Field trips to institutions such as the Dallas Art Museum, the Houston Museum of Science and History, and the Biblical Arts Museum expand the educational experience in all disciplines.  Students also attend spiritual growth opportunities including the Biblical Worldview Institute and the Passion conference.
  • - The athletic opportunities provided at LCS enhance important character growth in teamwork, perseverance, passion, sportsmanship, and others.